Ultra Reaction

Let's see who's faster with this reflex testing game.

Let's see who's faster with this innovative, groundbreaking, reflex testing game. Improve your reaction speed and you'll even get better in other fast paced games.

Dominate the leaderboard, complete the achievements and let your friends know who's the speed king.

★ 3 game modes (responsive, dynamic, endless) and 9 levels

★ game center integration

★ a proven way to train improve your reaction times

Game modes:

RESPONSIVE How quick are you? test your reaction speed and monitor your improvement. Tap the squares as quickly as possible as soon as they appear. Perfect for improving your response time.

DYNAMIC try to reach your top speed! Hit as many targets as possible in 30 seconds. Improve your speed and agility.

ENDLESS Only the strong survive. Test your ability and concentration with this endurance mode. Hit the blue targets before they disappear in waves of increasing difficulty. A great way to improve your speed, agility, concentration and endurance.